Équipe Brown-Bouchard

• We know real estate values in your neighbourhood and we will help set an agreeable and competitive price on your home.

• We will establish a marketing strategy for your home ensuring that your property is exposed to scores of potential buyers.

• We take care of the many tasks involved in selling a house (from placing your listing to putting up the for sale sign). This ensures that the transaction is simple and low-stress for you.

• We are two profesionnals in the home selling process and as such will advise you of your rights, options and obligations.

• We are experience negotiators and will work for to get you the best price.

• We are familiar with the neighbourhood and we can give you information on local real estate values, taxes, utility costs, services and amenities.

• We are two experienced negotiators who will manage your offers and counter-offers.

• We are familiar with the entire home purchasing process and we can advise you of your legal and financial options as well as recommend appraisal, home inspection and contracting services.

• We can pinpoint homes that fit your needs and dismiss those that do not, saving you time.

• We know the potential problem areas in a home and I can guide you away from "lemons."